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OUR TEAM of specialized individuals has decades worth of combined experience in the design and implementation of events, program logistics, activities, and transportation. And even better, they are experts on Indianapolis. We employ the only Destination Management Certified Professionals (DMCP) in Indiana, and are the only Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) in the state.  Sure, we've done the work and taken the classes, but our success isn't all about the letters after our names.  Scroll down to learn a little more about what makes the best DMC team in Indiana so special.




Shannon was born and raised in Indianapolis, so she’s seen the tremendous growth Indy has had over the years firsthand. She ventured away from Indy for college at Indiana University, where she met her husband, Jeremy, working at the local JC Penney. Which, apparently, was a hot bed for romance, as three other couples emerged from the men’s department team! Who would have guessed?  


Shannon credits her success to working her way up through the retail and restaurant worlds. Anyone that can survive retail during the holidays...and we’re talking pre-Amazon Prime when people had to go out to the mall to shop and expected good customer service...can survive just about anything the hospitality industry can throw at you. She also credits a former manager with instilling the values and traits she strives to apply in her everyday life: work hard, play hard, and treat those around you, no matter their status, with genuine respect. It’s this type of behavior that those who work with Shannon cite as one of her biggest strengths. 


Shannon works hard at balancing life as a business owner, industry colleague, co-worker, mom, and wife. Not many husbands and wives can work together, but Shannon and Jeremy have been doing it since 2012...and making it look fun and easy! She enjoys traveling and spending time with their two teenage sons and 11-year-old Bichon, Friday. 


  • ADMEI, DMC Professional of the Year, 2018

  • BizBash, Top 500 People in Events, 2018

  • Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP), 2011

  • DMC Network Jill McGregor Spirit Award, 2013

  • DMC Network Chairman (2015 - Present)



Just like John Mellencamp, Sarah was born in a small town about an hour south of Indy.  She started college at Indiana University in nearby Bloomington as a theater major. This girl has never met a mic she didn’t like!  Her desire to help people eventually had her switching majors to social work, and then to non-profit organization management. This switch drew her up to the “big city” and IU’s Indy campus, where she eventually earned a degree in Marketing through the Kelley School of Business.  


While finishing school, Sarah got a job working at an entertainment complex with the special events team. It was here she met Shannon Gardner...and a friendship and mentorship began.  After college, Sarah worked with an IT company for two years, but was never truly settled.  In 2007, Sarah reunited with Shannon and the dynamic duo...blondes at the time... sought out to conquer the hospitality industry in Indy. 


Sarah’s love for Indy and the hospitality community grows stronger every year. Today she leads a team of ten and not only dedicates herself to the team and its clients, but volunteers her time and experience with many industry organizations. In her spare time, she and her husband, Ryan, love hiking, binging out on Netflix, and spending time with their fur babies Addy and Reggie.


  • Connect Association 40 Under 40, 2018

  • Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) Certification and Accreditation Board Member (2015 - Present)

  • Carson Ray Spirit of ILEA Award, 2016

  • International Live Event Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter Past President (2014 - 2015), President (2013 - 2014), President Elect (2012 - 2013), VP of Programs (2010 - 2012)

  • ADMEI Destination Management Rising Star Award, 2013

  • Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP), 2011

  • ILEA Indiana President's Award, 2012

  • Event Solutions Rising Star, 2011

Megan grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, but an interest in studying opera music drew her to a school located just north of Indy.  Soon enough, all those memories of watching her parents entertain with small dinner parties to a major annual Labor Day celebration... that was the hot ticket in the neighborhood...lured her away from music and into the events world. 


While studying Hospitality and Food Management at Ball State University, Megan had to complete a job shadow, so she made a cold call to Accent. It was that cold call that earned her two summer internships that would eventually lead to a full-time gig with Accent in 2013. And, if you ask Shannon and Sarah, it was that cold call and follow up that set the bar for future applicants with Accent: perfectly composed, poised, and authentic. 


Megan got some wise advice from Sarah early on, and became involved with the International Live Events Association (ILEA).  She served on a few committees and quickly joined the board by 2014. Megan is currently serving as the ILEA Indiana Chapter President and making quite the name for herself. 

Her favorite part about Accent is seeing programs come to fruition and creating lasting relationships with clients and vendors. While Megan may have started her life as a Buckeye, Indy has become her home and she is proud to now call herself a Hoosier. 



  • Connect Association 40 Under 40, 2019

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter Immediate Past President (Current)

  • Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), 2019

  • ADMEI Destination Management Rising Star Award, 2019

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter President (2018-2019)

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter President Elect (2017-2018)

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter Vice President of Education & Programs (2016-2017)

  • Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP), 2017

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter Rising Star Award, 2016

  • International Live Events Association (ILEA) Indiana Chapter Director of Communications (2015 - 2016)





Miro was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he lived a block away from the famed Tejano singer, Selena. He moved to Northern Indiana to study Communication and Business at Manchester University. It was here where he discovered his love of events by becoming involved with different clubs, associations, and working an on-campus job aiding in the planning of events and entertainment for student activities. 


Upon graduation, he joined an event company in nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana, and got a membership with the International Live Events Association (ILEA). These platforms allowed him networking and relationship-building opportunities with other event professionals, including the Accent team.  At one of the industry awards events, Miro saw that Accent had an incredible repertoire of events that won in many of the major categories. He was immediately impressed with their sense of team unity and professionalism. He vowed to himself that if he ever moved to Indy, Accent was where he wanted to land. Several months later, Miro decided on a whim to move to Indianapolis. It was about this time that Accent was looking for some new team about fate! Miro decided this was his chance to make his dream come true and applied. The rest is history, and he wouldn’t change being part of the Accent family for anything.


Ashley was born in Indy, but grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She always felt a love for Indy and dreamed of returning someday. If you get a chance to know Ashley, you’ll soon discover, that once this girl gets something on her mind, there’s no turning back! So, in 2004, she returned to Indy and resumed her journey as a Hoosier.  She got an apartment, a motorcycle, a job, and enrolled in that order.  


She is having the time of her life with her husband, Jason, four rescue dogs, lots of outdoor adventures, and a career with a company that operates based on a set of values with which she closely identifies. It makes sense she would share Accent’s professional values as that is where hers were first formed. Not only did Ashley experience a homecoming with Indy, but she’s recently come “home” with Accent.  She was an assistant in the office from 2008-2009 and stayed on as a part-time staff member while pursuing other career opportunities in the industry from 2009-2018.  She now helps lead the operations team and manages training and hiring for all the part time event staff at Accent. 



AIMED a-14-edited.jpg



Rachel’s story starts on the north side of Indianapolis, where she was born and raised. As a teenager, she was always planning get-togethers and outings for her family and friends. Undecided on her career path, Rachel decided to study at Indiana University since they offered 250+ majors. 


With a love for travel, Rachel decided to take International Tourism her freshman year. On the first day, the students listed off their majors and, after hearing “Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management” at least 45 times, Rachel knew where she belonged. She was drawn to DMCs because of the variety of services they offer... and she really hates being bored! According to Rachel, every good freshman followed Accent Indy on social media. Fast forward to her last semester at IU when, on the day she started her job search, Accent Indy posted a Job Description. Rachel took it as fate and applied...and it’s safe to say, the stars aligned for us both. Rachel loves the people she works with and the work they do in this beautiful Circle City. Most importantly, she is never bored.


Kim Scott

Kim is an Indiana native who grew up on Indy’s southside. She has worked in the event industry for over 30 years and managed environmental décor programs for large scale events such as NFL Combine, Men’s Final Four, Women’s Final Four, and Super Bowl in various cities. After traveling across the country for many years, she decided it was time to stay a little closer to home. For the past 5 years, she has enjoyed working from home on various freelance projects. 

She became part of our Event Staff in 2016 in hopes of at some point becoming a full-time member of our team. She is thrilled to join our team and still helps out working the event shifts when possible. 

Kim and her husband Kevin, still live on Indy’s southside. They have two children, Evan and Lela. Most of their weekends are spent in a gym watching Lela play basketball or sitting in an auditorium listening to her son’s orchestra play. She says being a mom is her greatest accomplishment.




Jeremy was born in a suburb of Chicago and moved to Champaign, IL when he was 4 years old.  His earliest memory is of that drive from Chicago to Champaign – he was really upset that his brother rode in the U-Haul while he rode in the family car. College took Jeremy to Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, which was not an easy transition given his love for the University of Illinois and its rivalry with Indiana University.


Eager for spending money, he got a job in the stock room at JC Penney where his first task was putting price tags on a shipment of 800 pair of Gold Toe socks.  Jeremy eventually moved to the men’s department, but the best part of that first week on the job was meeting his future wife, Shannon.  Jeremy learned a great deal from his time at JC Penney, primarily from the manager in the men’s department, about good customer service, keeping calm and collected under pressure, and respecting coworkers and colleagues; lessons he puts into practice every day.


Since 2012, Jeremy has handled the behind-the-scenes office management aspects of Accent and serves as a sounding board and confidant for Shannon.  As the company has grown, he and Shannon have worked hard to instill the principles and values they learned while at their first job together at JC Penney. Managing life as a business owner while raising a family has certainly provided challenges, but Jeremy is thankful every day for the opportunity to confront those challenges with his wife and the talented Accent Indy team.  Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and anything outdoors, especially fly fishing, and he loves the mountains!


  • Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation Board Member, (2015 - Current)

  • GBTA President's Special Recognition Award, 2014

  • GBTA Business Travel Professional Service Award, 2014

  • GBTA Chapter President's Council Excellence in Leadership Award, 2013

  • Global Travel Professional (GTP), 2013

  • GBTA Chapter Task Force (2012 - 2015)

  • GBTA Government Relations Committee (2012 - 2013)

  • GBTA Ohio Valley Chapter Chairman (2014 - 2015), President (2010 - 2013), Executive Vice President (2008 - 2009), Sponsor Committee Chair (2007)

  • GBTA Ohio Valley Chapter Member of the Year, 2007, 2013



Shawn grew up on the north side of Indy, which is where you can still find him today with his dog Finn.  Growing up, Shawn spent his summers in southern Indiana at the family lake.  It was there that he discovered his love for the outdoors, that eventually led him to Purdue where he studied horticulture.  After two years and three different majors, Shawn transferred from Purdue to Indianapolis’ IUPUI to study Tourism, Convention, and Event Management.


Shawn’s career with Accent began with chair ties.  While at IUPUI Shawn attended a workshop led by a personable, bleach blonde named Sarah, teaching students interested in making an extra buck on how to tie chair ties.  Later that week Shawn worked his first event with Accent, tying some 500 chair ties. Ten years later, Shawn is still with Accent, although he’s no longer tying chair ties; instead he’s balancing the books. While his 10-6 may be behind a desk, Shawn enjoys working a program every now again to see what the Accent Team has created, so as long as it doesn’t include chair ties.


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